Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Client: Arlynn

November 2022

I would recommend Thomas and Wickenheiser to anyone who is a victim of medical malpractice. I have been on quite the journey with Kathryn Wickenheiser and her team, working through COVID and the delays caused by the pandemic. Kathryn is professional, honest, responsive, and a straight-shooter. For someone like myself who has never brought a lawsuit against anyone, Kathryn was also able to help me through the emotions of doing so.

After walking with me through each step along the way, I am so happy to say we reached a very positive outcome. 

Highly Recommend.

Client: Withheld for Confidentiality

October 2019

I was a victim of medical malpractice. I developed 3rd stage cancer due to the negligence of an incompetent doctor because of their countless errors in my diagnosis, treatments, and in the management of my care. The cancer could have been prevented if this doctor was competent. 

I met with Kathryn Wickenheiser to ask for help. I heard she was one of the best. She took the time to hear about my injuries and she reviewed my case thoroughly. Then I witnessed something absolutely so amazing… she did everything imaginable to fight as hard as she could to help me get the justice I deserved. 

In addition to being an exceptional lawyer, she is the sweetest person you will ever meet.

If you have been the victim of medical malpractice, I highly recommend Kathryn. She will work hard on your behalf to achieve the outcome you deserve.

Client: Brenda

September 2019

“You have been such great help, and fought so hard for us. I don’t think we will ever be grateful enough, given how soon you were able to pull everything together for a positive resolution of my Grandfather’s case at trial. You are determined and you work so hard. Thank you so much!” Brenda.

Client: Marcia

July 2019

Thank you for your call updating me on all you have done. I don’t think I conveyed to you how much I appreciate your tenacious efforts in getting to the truth of what took place with Craig. It is so sad to think Craig most likely would be here today if he had gotten the lab report which would have been a life saver. It is what is and I am not angry, just saddened that Craig was robbed of doing all the things he loved and looked forward to. He deserved so much better. There are some people in this world who are just good to the core and he was one of them. He strived for success in every aspect of his life and he was kind and generous to all through his journey in life. He was loaded with integrity and truly had no ego.

I recall saying to you that money won’t make a difference in my life. I did not mean to sound arrogant. For me personally, I do not want for much and I live a pretty simple life. My passion is painting and that doesn’t cost much.

What will make a difference is helping my four grandchildren with their education. Craig was all about education and we had planned on helping them as he would have done some consulting and online teaching and some paid singing gigs with his Sinatra show. Should there be a settlement, I will fund his PSU MBA scholarship and assist the grandkids with their college. This would be a living legacy in honor of Craig.

I have had feelings of guilt as I have never sued anyone. Knowing he has fallen short in his patient responsibility several times makes that guilt go away. I am hoping he finally gets it. He owns his mistake no matter how it goes.

You truly have done an amazing job and have provided closure for me as that ball that was dropped was there when I had time to reflect on it I had a sense a mistake had been made.

However, it goes I have come to terms with the result of their mistake and will always be able to cherish the 20 years I had with the most amazing man.

Your law firm will be very successful because of your dedication and belief in your cases. You have made a difference in my life more than money will.”

Thank you. Marcia