The Power of Attorney Referrals

The Power of Attorney Referrals

Building Your Income Stream and Network in 2024 and Beyond

In a perfect world, every potential client who contacts you would be the right client with the right case at the right time who aligns well with your practice area and capacity. Unfortunately, the world is not perfect. So, to be prepared for those situations, you should have a network of attorneys in various practice areas to whom you can refer potential clients who are not the right fit for your practice. In our experience, referrals are a strong value add for all involved for many reasons. Among them:

  1. Referrals help both the client and the attorney you refer them to. Another attorney may be better positioned to effectively represent the client due to their unique experience in areas where you do not practice.
  2. Referrals build your professional network, opening the doors not just to referrals but other opportunities for collaboration.
  3. Referrals build credibility. Referring outside of your practice area is another way to support a client by considering their specific needs and introducing them to an attorney who is a better fit. When you become known as a trusted resource for individuals who are not sure where to turn, they will likely refer others to you, knowing you will help.
  4. Referrals can be a great source of income. In certain cases, you may receive a referral fee if the case you refer is ultimately successful. Moreover, attorneys to whom you send referrals are more likely to return the favor by sending you clients who are a stronger match for your areas of specialization.

So, the next time someone comes to you who may not be a strong fit, consider referring them to a trusted attorney in your network rather than sending them away. For cases involving medical malpractice or personal injury, especially in situations involving slips, trips, and falls, dog bites, motorcycle accidents, or premises liability in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, or Pennsylvania, contact our team. We would be happy to help.

Attorney Referrals - Seeking Medical Malpractice Experience for Your Client?

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Attorney Thomas is a born advocate and represents individuals in personal injury and medical malpractice cases. She combines an extensive background in civil litigation with expert negotiation skills strengthened by her experience working both sides of the courtroom. Consistently recognized as a top lawyer by state and national organizations, Attorney Thomas is admitted to practice law in Massachusetts and New Hampshire as well as the state and federal courts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.