Injuries to Children When At Daycare, Camp, or Preschool

Kathryn J. Wickenheiser, Author at Thomas & Wickenheiser, LLC

The Danger of Diagnosis Momentum

In November of 2021, 14-year-old Alice Tapper, daughter of well-known journalist Jake Tapper, began experiencing severe abdominal pain, chills, and vomiting. At the direction of her pediatrician, she went to her local hospital for the treatment of likely appendicitis. The hospital physicians ruled out appendicitis (because her pain was throughout her entire abdomen not just


Prenatal Care and Maternal Health

“Prenatal care” is often associated with the medical care needed to promote the health of the unborn baby. Prenatal care often includes the pregnant person taking needed dietary supplements, attending regular doctor visits, and undergoing ultrasounds and other routine testing and evaluations to ensure the baby is developing and growing appropriately. What is equally as


Do Hospitals Put Profits Over Patient Care?

As an institution, the public rightfully expects a hospital to require its medical staff to provide good care to achieve the best possible outcome for its patients. The public also expects that when good care is not provided resulting in a bad patient outcome, the hospital takes accountability and takes appropriate action to minimize the