How to Choose a Dog Bite Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia

Rebecca L. Thomas, Author at Thomas & Wickenheiser, LLC

The Power of Attorney Referrals

Building Your Income Stream and Network in 2024 and Beyond In a perfect world, every potential client who contacts you would be the right client with the right case at the right time who aligns well with your practice area and capacity. Unfortunately, the world is not perfect. So, to be prepared for those situations,


How Well Is Your Healthcare Support Worker Paid?

When you or a loved one require specialized healthcare services, you justifiably rely on the professionalism and ability of the person providing those services. And that goes far beyond the physician or nurse – think about the pharmacy technician who dispenses your prescription, the nursing home aide who is responsible for taking care of frail


Why Are Maternal Death Rates Rising?

Recent Study Shows Minorities Suffer Most The latest numbers are in, and they are not encouraging. The number of women in the United States who died because of pregnancy or maternal-related causes rose significantly in 2021. According to a report released by the CDC earlier this year, maternal death rate in the U.S. for 2021


Where is the Ambulance?

The stories are heartbreaking. In Georgia, a man died in the hospital after an ambulance failed to respond to multiple 911 calls despite dispatchers’ repeated assurances that it was on the way. In Cleveland, the victim of a hit and run died a minute before a delayed ambulance finally arrived. Ambulances are taking longer to


Are You Safe in the Hospital?

Takeaways from a new study in the New England Journal of Medicine. When we are admitted to a hospital for medical treatment, we rightfully expect a certain level of care that is timely, safe, and appropriate for our condition. But what if that medical treatment presents its own risks to our health and safety? 


Staffing – The Hidden Problem That May Be Impacting Your Medical Care

When you or a loved one faces hospitalization, you rightfully expect the hospital to be adequately staffed. However, in Pennsylvania, as in much of the country, hospitals are experiencing a shortage of medical staff – particularly, nurses. Recently, the Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania (HAP) warned of significant challenges facing Pennsylvania hospitals, notably staffing.