Accidents happen all the time. Sometimes they are unavoidable. Sometimes they are not anyone’s fault. But when someone is negligent and causes an accident, we are committed to helping accident victims receive the compensation they are entitled to.

Auto Accidents

No matter whether you are the driver, passenger or pedestrian involved in a traffic accident, if someone else caused the crash, you can claim compensation for your injuries to cover pain and suffering, medical bills, and lost income. Even collisions that cause only minor damage to the vehicles can result in serious injuries that can negatively impact your health, your family, your job, and your quality of life. Our experienced attorneys understand the emotional and physical stress victims feel in the aftermath of an accident.

Impaired Driving

Many traffic accidents involve an impaired driver under the influence of alcohol or other substances that impair a driver’s judgment, perception and reaction times. Blood alcohol levels below the legal limits can still contribute to collisions on the road, and drivers can be held accountable.

Slip & Fall and Premises Liability

We have extensive experience in premises liability cases. Simply put, a property owner or individual or entity responsible for maintenance and management of the property can be found liable when someone gets hurt under dangerous conditions, such as icy steps or walkways, potential hazards left on the floor, poor lighting, and broken handrails.

Personal Injury Attorneys